Innovation Project Canvas

Have good ideas.
Turn them into strengths.

The Innovation Project Canvas assists in evolving good ideas and approaches into successful concepts. The systematic method of operation is highly efficient. It accelerates the early phase of the innovation process for products, technologies, services and business models.


An interdisciplinary team describes the idea while allowing a variety of new perspectives to flow in and then develops a common understanding of the innovation intention.


Assumptions that have already been made are challenged, contradictions are exposed and new perspectives are added. The team gets to the bottom of the original thoughts and enhances the discussion with alternative perspectives. The idea is optimised when the team puts it up to the test again.


Challenging leads to new insights. Using the Innovation Project Canvas to optimise ideas is “work-in-progress”. The various aspects of the innovation intention are kneaded and shaped until the idea becomes exciting.


The attractiveness of the idea from a client/user point-of-view and from an internal point of view is checked at two quality checks that are a fixed part of the canvas program. Only when the idea is unequivocally convincing does it make sense to put more energy into the intention.


Working with the Innovation Project Canvas creates “aha experiences” and makes completely new perspectives possible. In addition, risks, weaknesses and “blind spots” are recognised that give orientation for further project work and clear indications of which subtasks have to be worked on first.


The Innovation Project Canvas leads to a clear focus: Everyone has the same understanding in regards to the project targets, customer value, possible solution approaches and business models, risks and next steps.


The results of the canvas work – as well as the canvas itself as a communication tool – can be used as an excellent means to communicate the idea and/or concept to important decision makers within and outside of the company as well as to the stakeholders.

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What does it mean in detail?

Mode of Operation

Work with the Innovation Project Canvas is pragmatic and intuitive. A multi-disciplinary team thoroughly thinks through an idea and creates a persuasive innovation intention on a common canvas.

Using 13 questions and with the help of sticky notes, the team collects perspectives and aspects of the idea. These are used to change, amend, reject and improve the idea until it is developed enough to be presented to the decision makers. The moderation, based on the predefined processes, allows for focussed and speedy progress to be made. Quality checks and iterations allow for the necessary depth and support the creative development of the idea.

The Innovation Project Canvas makes a concrete project intention out of an idea in a minimum amount of time.

Do I really need this?

Target Group

The Innovation Project Canvas helps those responsible for innovations, project leaders and teams, especially when they have the feeling that …

… the team doesn’t stand completely behind an idea and each team member is going in a different direction.

… the project leader is left on his own a lot.

… it often takes ages for a decision to be made on whether or not to follow up on an idea and how to follow up on it.

… most of the ideas that are evaluated aren’t inspirational but they get approved anyway for lack of alternatives.

Where has the Innovation Project Canvas proved to be a success?

Customer Statements

“We use the Innovation Project Canvas to make the transition from the preliminary study to the development phase more efficient. We achieve this sustainably. The central goal is that the entire project team has a uniform level of knowledge, understands the product vision and everyone can actively contribute. There are fewer queries afterwards, development is focused and motivated. Everyone knows what it is all about.”

Erich Bachmann, VP Product Management, Komax AG

„As an introduction to our PEP, we use the Innovation Project Canvas as an interactive method to work out the value proposition and decide what to do next. Things become clear at an early stage that would otherwise have come to us much later. Working with the Innovation Project Canvas brings incredible context understanding, motivation and commitment to the team.”

Dr. Stefan Metz, Head Product Management & Development RF, HUBER+SUHNER AG

„With the Innovation Project Canvas, we achieved a result in one day at the start of the project that would otherwise have taken us weeks.“

Rainer Bösch, Bereichsleiter Multiprojektmanagement F&E Projekte, Ivoclar Vivadent AG

“The Innovation Project Canvas Method brings all of the different points of view together. It helped our heterogeneous team to penetrate a complex subject and to decide on a common path to follow.”

Frank Salg, Head of Group Technology Scouting, Vaillant GmbH

“The Innovation Project Canvas has proven to be a well-performing tool to focus employees from different areas on a common innovation project and think this holistically. We now consider establishing the method in the early project phase as an integral part of our Stage-Gate® process.”

Simon Münzer, Innovation Manager, Kronos International, Inc.

“Thanks to the Innovation Project Canvas, we have efficiently asked the right questions in the right order and therefore found out what information was missing. This has enabled us eventually to make the right decision for or against each idea much faster. Without the Canvas we would had forgotten – out of sheer enthusiasm about the new product idea – to ask all the crucial questions.”

Marco Billeter, Owner of Georg Haag

“The Innovation Project Canvas is an excellent tool to clearly display all important aspects that play a role in the development of new products. It provides a guideline for project teams and is capable of making knowledge gaps visible.”

Dr. Steffen Sander, Head of R&D, HOSOKAWA ALPINE AG

We are a relatively small self-organised company without a management level. The Innovation Project Canvas has helped us significantly in terms of innovation, as it also enables us to pursue large and novel ideas. We can use it to collaborate cross-functionally, assess ideas for their potential, develop them further and prepare the implementation. It is now an integral part of our innovation process.

Christian Kram, trainer and member of the innovation circle at oose

Recommendation in the bestseller "Winning at New Products" 5th edition of Prof. Robert G. Cooper (pages 162ff)

Recommendation in the book "Enterprise IoT" of Dirk Slama, Frank Puhlmann, Jim Morrish und Rishi M. Bhatnagar (pages 186f)


What do we offer?

Quotation 1

One-day workshop run by five i’s:

  • We moderate the adaption of a real innovation theme from your company and
  • make it possible through “learning by doing” for you and your team.

Price: EUR 3,000 (+ VAT + travel expenses)

If you want to continue using the Innovation Project Canvas, you will receive the user package for EUR 3,000 (+ VAT) within one month after the application workshop.
This includes

  • Innovation Project Canvas sized: DIN B0 (100 × 141.4 cm)
  • User’s Manual
  • unlimited use of the Innovation Project Canvas in your company

Quotation 2

We put together tailor-made implementation packages. Typically these include

  • Application workshops for further ideas to enable a wider circle of users to gain application experience and promoters.

  • 1-day Innovation Project Canvas training course(s) for Moderators

  • Info event(s) or short training sessions for potential participants

  • Accompanying support in application, e.g. through supervision and quality reviews, moderated exchange of experience, coaching and updates on methodology and moderation techniques.

  • User packages in the required number

from EUR 12,000 (+ VAT + travel expenses)

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